It's Officially Winter Here

Ok, here's the first snow. No more cycling 'till April. Time to hibernate.

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It's unique. What's it's uniqueness, you ask me? I'll tell you what is it. rsyslog's man page is more clear and easy to understand and to start with than documentation at it's website.

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We've grown enough to need high availability solution, so the first thing I've tried is Heartbeat. It turned out enough for now (although, I'll have to update a few init scripts), and I'll write a mini-howto on running Heartbeat inside OpenVZ container as soon as I have enough time for that.

For now, just one hint. If your node doesn't come up when it should, and /var/log/ha-log contains the following:

Setup problem: Couldn't find utility /bin/gawk

then it's most probably not really about gawk (it's very hard to find Linux system without gawk). It may also mean that you don't have which installed, while Heartbeat's scripts use it to find a real path to gawk. It's not that common, too, actually, but, for example, some OpenVZ templates do not include which package.

So, yum install which (or vzyum $VEID install which) brings you happiness.

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I've got too much work now to be writing about it, so I'll just tell you that I've had a perfect vacation this August.

I went to Urals. Those are very old (possibly the oldest on Earth) mountains in the middle of Russia. Those separating Europe from Asia, right. Been old, they aren't so high, most of them are below 1000 meters. I've been to south part of Urals and visited the highest peak around, The Big Shatak, which is 1271 meters high.

Oh, yeah. It was horse-back tour. I've never ridden horse before, so it was funny. For those looking at me.

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For people like me there's a special place in hell. With Wi-Fi and hookers.

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Ubuntu is so Ubuntu

Note to self: stop using alphas!

This shit costed me a lot of neurons and hell of a time. I though I went crazy ot supid at some point.

I even googled for 'netmask calculator' after I calculated it in head and then on a piece of paper.

Both ip addr and ifconfig output wrong broadcast address.

% uname -a

Linux amiheev 2.6.31–11-generic #36-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 25 06:37:23 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux

inet brd scope global eth0
inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:

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Did you know that... vacuum-cleaner sucks?

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