Geek Porn

I knew! Everybody knows, in fact. Apple's stuff is porn. People look at it, they want is sooo much, because it so-so-so-so-so good and hot! Yeah, baby!

I'm surprised I'm not addicted to it. Really.

So. Now I have proof. It is porn. I've got e-mail from Apple <> today with the subject “Check out new 13-inch...”. The rest of the subject was hidden because I use three-pane layout in my e-mail client (BTW, we've released a new version recently).

Yeah. It's just a new MacBook. But still...

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RentACoder To Enable Withdrawal With Payoneer Debit Cars, Too

Remeber my posting about introducing Payoneer cards withdrawals which came synchonously with almost the same article at MDLog:/sysadmin? (BTW, I've already ordered and received the card, but didn't have a chance to use it yet).

RentACoder may follow GAF and introduce the same payment option. There is no official information at yet, but just today I came across an Uncle Edik's interview with Ian Ippolito, the RentACoder CEO, where he states that RAC already partnered with

Do you plan to add a new funds escrow option for RentACoder? I took part in the voting about introduction of the iKOBO option. Will it be someday possible to use a pre-paid debit card instead of checks? The reason I ask this question is that I can say for sure that a pre-paid debit card is the best option for Russian-speaking coders.

Yes... we will be adding Payoneer (a debit card like Ikobo) as well as bank deposit and some other options.We have already signed a contract with Payoneer. I hope to rollout a beta in 3-4 months and rollout to the general site in 5-6.

So far so good. I will hold my RAC payments for a few months and hope that's true.

And here's a Russian version of the same interview.

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Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "Etch" Is Out!

The Debian project anounced the official release of GNU/Linux 4.0 codenamed “Etch”.

The release features compatibility with the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standart) v2.3 and software developed for version 3.1 of the LSB (Linux Standard Base).

Also, It finally has a new, graphical installer. The installation system is translated to 58 languages now. [ read further ]

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