I'm Back, Baby!

It's been a damn long winter: it really was long and it felt even longer. I literally slept through it, going to work, returning home, watching tv series, working some “side projects”, drinking and actually sleeping; but now I'm finally awake.

It feels surprisingly good. Hi, everybody! Stay tuned.

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Forgetfulness, or Why Integration Isn't Always Good


Moved my jabber server to another physical server, spent week fighting (no that interesting, it's just my lack of python experience) old python 2.3 there to start YIM transport... And forgot my ID at Yahoo!

And of course I forgot the password, too. I just didn't care for more than a year. All my instant messaging is performed thru my jabber account and a bunch of transoprts to other IM networks. I've just set it up once and forgot.

In integrated environments you often forget the details. Write them down, for Heavens sake! Document everything!

Update: restored it. ID was obvious, and having ID I realized I remember password. So always document even obvios things!

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Underestimating Digg, Or 100 Most Popular Words on Digg

One day (two days ago, as far as I remember), I asked myself a question: «What are the most popular topics on digg.com? Sex? War? $$$ per oil barrel?».

I downloaded all 571 pages of popular stories for last year with cUrl (there were more than 8000 stories), parsed them to extract titles and diggs, and processed the titles with a simple PHP script.

[ See the results ]

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People are strange

They so damn are! Aftraid to enter their name when registering a domain, but post every single bit of thier personal information into their facebook profile. And even place a marker on their home, their office and the place they usuallys stop by to drink a couple of beers in some google maps app.

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It's Spring, Baby!

Today, on the 1st of April, I, Aleksei “rusty_angel” Miheev, declare: the spring is finally here. There are lots of signs around. Those are the most notable:

  • I saw the first butterfly this year
  • We turned on air conditioner in our office. And shut the windows, too. It's heaven here now.
  • I've opened (again) bicycle season with a short 5-something miles ride
  • I realized how long it's been since I woke up not alone
  • I quit drinking and eating meat

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Once A Freelancer - Always A Freelancer

Well, yes – I'm back. I've always been here, but there really weren't that much time, so I couldn't sit, organize my thoughts in a way suitable for a blog post and write it. Later I got some time, but lost that habbit of blogging in English.

However, recently this blog was approved to TLA, and now I somehow feel obligated to start writing again. Right, I wouldn't mind getting a few extra bucks.

OK, so what's up? I still work in that web hosting company, I've got some of my projects hosted there, they are mostly local audience-oriented, so I won't mention them here now.

And I got back to freelance, too. It's casus inoperabile, I guess. It's my life, really. Freelance is much more challenging and.. just interesting. There's always something I do for the first time.

For example, recently I was optimizing a slow torrent site (yeah, I stuck to torrents), and I did it well, it's running smoothly for a about month already instead of crashing every night, but I didn't change a single line of code anywhere but /etc/my.cnf. Before that I always searched for weaknesses in scripts and queries (and there always were some), but this time I only tuned mysql. It feels just great! The company that hosts Matt's (he's a really great guy) server just doesn't believe that, so Matt had to ask me to describe what exactly did I do for them.

Also, I had first real-life experience with PostgreSQL recently. I used it a little in past and liked it, but GOD, it's custom aggregates are awesome! And tsearch was a big disappointment: it has everything I was trying to implement by myself for some time already. It's great. just great.

There isn't just work here now. I'm finishing my education this summer, so I'm wokring hard on my diploma project. I hate it. Really. I'm not into those things at all, I'm a system programmer, I have nothing to do arc furnaces. Writing a research paper on those things is painful. But I can't stop half-way, and neigher I can stop three months before the end after six years. So I just do it.

That's all for today. Real stuff would be later. See you, guys.

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No matter, how bad restaurant is, Jack Daniels is always Jack Daniels. Thus, friday evening was damn good

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