Bedtime Physics

I woke up this morning and saw a note written by my hand, although I don't remember it: ┬źDoppler's Effect┬╗.

I guess, some thought crossed my mind when I was falling asleep, and I hoped I could finish thinking when I wake up.


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Ok, NOW It Is Winter

That snow I mentioned in October went off really fast, and then there was sad sunless cold dry autumn. Simply terrible. Finally, it's snowing again.

Lots of thing changed since then. I moved and finally live alone. It's too late to keep living with parents in 24. And a lot of other things I can't recall now :)

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It's Officially Winter Here

Ok, here's the first snow. No more cycling 'till April. Time to hibernate.

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I've got too much work now to be writing about it, so I'll just tell you that I've had a perfect vacation this August.

I went to Urals. Those are very old (possibly the oldest on Earth) mountains in the middle of Russia. Those separating Europe from Asia, right. Been old, they aren't so high, most of them are below 1000 meters. I've been to south part of Urals and visited the highest peak around, The Big Shatak, which is 1271 meters high.

Oh, yeah. It was horse-back tour. I've never ridden horse before, so it was funny. For those looking at me.

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Did you know that... vacuum-cleaner sucks?

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Happy Birthday, Alex!

Alex is my cat. No, we have diffrent names, he's Alexander. He is eleven now, but we still fight when we're in a mood for that, and he still can wake up everybody in the middle of the night if he thinks his bow is half-empty. We're both pretty pessimistic.

Also, he snores.

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A Little Industrial Stuff

Recently a friend of mine came over for a day to see me, drink a couple beers and walk a few miles in the darkest places in Nizhni Novgorod she haven't seen yet. It was cool. Both of us forgotten camera, though.

Have you ever seen a bridge construction site from underneath?

The pictures suck, alright. We've forgotten our cameras, so it's just cellphone. There's more cool places there, and we're planning to repeat the trip with a decent camera and sober.

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