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I've stopped freelancing for a while again, and now I'm back to it one more time.

I missed it. I left RAC over 2 years ago becase of several reasons. Most important are:

No challenge

When I stated there, it was all new and exciting for me. Finding clients, persuading them to hire me, working on real things I only tried on localhost before... But them I gained enough experience and improved my skills. Most projects looked boring for me. Others were too cheap (I know, a gig's a gig, but working for $20 overnight isn't so pleasing anymore).


I was working for two guys I met on RentACoder, Leif and Matt. They paid me enough so I didn't have to search for more projects. Also I found a full-time job which also paid off pretty well. I had enough money and enough work and also some free time: why would I need too work more.


Well, my skills are good. My rates are acceptable. But by the end of 2007 RAC was invaded by thousands of cheap Indian coders. I just couldn't compete with their rates. No offence to good coders from India: they had even harder time fighting both their cheap inexperienced colleagues and a stereotype about cheap coders...

But recently I moved from my parents house and could really use a couple extra bucks. And also I suddenly had much more free time (I still have no explaination for that!), so I though: Why not? And RAC was much better this time: more interesting projects, less scriptkiddies (I made 8 bids in first two days and won one) and decent prices. I'm glad and excited.

It's good to be back.

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