Window Maker Is Back!

That's a great news! I've been using Window Maker for years, and still using in on my office workstation, although switched to Awesome on my desktop at home and laptop (surpisingly, everyday work as sysadmin requires more mouse usage than hacking at home).

So, they are back again. The project uses Mercurial instead of CVS for version control now, and they are preparing 0.92.1 version which, as far as I understand, would be a bugfix release.

It seems that Alfredo Kojima doesn't work on it anymore (AFAIK, he's developing MySQL Workbench in Sun now), but I saw Dan Pascu and Carlos R. Mafra in mailing lists, which should be good, but I have to explanation, why :)

Also, voins started rewriting Window Maker as NextMaker, but there were no updates in his blog for a long time. However there're rumors in Alt Linux community (maybe they aren't even that rumorous, I'm just not close to them) that he actually keeps working.

Again, congratulations to everyone an good luck to they guys. Too bad, I don't have much time for hacking it, too.

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