Major Changes, or The Song Remains The Same

I've been saving this for one of those Fool's Days, but it actually came true. Remeber me “complaining” about not getting office job and been stuck to freelance?

Right! I got the job. The very same one that I didn't get in August. The guy they hired instead of me then didn't appear to meet the requirements, so they contacted me again. Oddly enough, I received another proposal at the same time. I even talked to the second company, took their test job, finished it and sent back (they didn't reply, however), but it was something about Windows, AutoCAD, Visual C++ and lots of other things I don't really want to mess around with. I've forgotten my umbrella at their office, by the way :-)

So, now for almost two weeks already I work in a local web hosting company. Our (wow, apparently, it feels pretty cool when you say say “we” talking about your company) website is completely in Russian, because we are targeting Russian customers only, though, with got one client from Greece, as far as I know. In fact, there are only two people busy with hosting here: we are a part of bigger company. I'll tell you more about the company later as there's just not too much to say right now.

I promise to summarize my impressons about working in company and freelancing when it will a month since I started working: at November, 19.

And I'm not going to quit freelance. I'll just freeze it for a while and get back to it later, in smaller amounts, of course.

As new job consumes significantly less time and there are more interesting and challenging work here, I hope I will post articles more frequently hereinafter. I'm still what I am – a web developer and Unix admin, so more work – more experience – more articles.

See you soon.

Oct. 31, 2007 // 21:34 | Comments (0)