RentACoder To Enable Withdrawal With Payoneer Debit Cars, Too

Remeber my posting about introducing Payoneer cards withdrawals which came synchonously with almost the same article at MDLog:/sysadmin? (BTW, I've already ordered and received the card, but didn't have a chance to use it yet).

RentACoder may follow GAF and introduce the same payment option. There is no official information at yet, but just today I came across an Uncle Edik's interview with Ian Ippolito, the RentACoder CEO, where he states that RAC already partnered with

Do you plan to add a new funds escrow option for RentACoder? I took part in the voting about introduction of the iKOBO option. Will it be someday possible to use a pre-paid debit card instead of checks? The reason I ask this question is that I can say for sure that a pre-paid debit card is the best option for Russian-speaking coders.

Yes... we will be adding Payoneer (a debit card like Ikobo) as well as bank deposit and some other options.We have already signed a contract with Payoneer. I hope to rollout a beta in 3-4 months and rollout to the general site in 5-6.

So far so good. I will hold my RAC payments for a few months and hope that's true.

And here's a Russian version of the same interview.

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