GetAFreelancer Introduces MasterCard Debit Card Payments

I have never taken GetAFreelancer (GAF) too seriously. Most projects there are “clone a site”, “data entry”, “register XXX gmail accounts”, or just the projects that aren't interesting or too cheap for me.

Yesterday GAF did something that a) makes me treat them as a more serious company; and b) lets them attract more possible service providers and, consequently, buyers. The concurrency is good for a professional (I already have a draft of article about that, will post it sooner or later), so I guess, I'll pay more attention to jobs listed there.

GetAFreelancer debit card

But let's get back to the point of this blog post. GetAFreelancer announced that they partnered with Payoneer and will now provide pre-paid MaterCard debit cards for their payments. I couldn't find any commission charges mentioned on their site yet, though. Probably there'll be just regular payoneer commission on every withdrawal.

Anyway, that is great news. While RentACoder promises to start iKobo (another pre-paid debit cards system) payments for more than a year without any result, GAF intoduced this kind of payment. Probably that will finally make RAC move.

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Hi there,

Have you checked out oDesk [ link ] An online marketplace with over 2,000 jobs (and the average project size is $3,000!), oDesk offered the oDesk MasterCard in May and has worked seamlessly for hundreds of providers. It's free to post a profile, search for jobs -- you'll never pay any membership fees. Many providers also like oDesk because of the hourly payment option -- they've been able to move into long-term jobs as a result of this feature.

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~Michelle, oDesk

11.09.2007 // 09:13 [ Link ]

Reply from author

I had. But I was unable us launch your software on my Gentoo Linux workstation.

11.09.2007 // 20:03 [ Link ]