Yeah, just surfing. Like it's your first time online.

The very first time, when you haven't yet discovered lots of porn and got addicted to it. Before you decided you're the new Oscar Wilde and started writing. Before you found out you can leave a comment somewhere telling that all you've read there is absolute rubbish.

The very-very first time.

Type something in search engine's text box, search, grab the first link... And go! Link by link. Click by click. Surf! We got used to it. Those who are younger see hyperlinks everywhere offline, but I remember (though I'm also too young to remember a different Net) that excitement: click – and you're somewhere else, click again – and there's another page.

It's driving me... just driving. I often forget it, stuck to a few sites and blogging, and working and forgetting how wonderfully BIG the Net is. You can start reading something on nuclear physics, continue with annelids and end up reading some musician's comments to his own songs.

It's hard to treat Net as something magic when you're IT professional, but I can sometimes.

Surfing. Like the very first time.

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