How To Play DVD From Folder or ISO Image In Linux

I've got a few DVDs in ISO images or simply VIDEO_TS folders, mostly differect concerts (like my favorite Peter Gabriel's Growing Up Live I wantched today) and a couple of anime compilations.

Usually I watch them with mplayer mounting ISO image, if needed, and adding. VOBs I want to watch to playlist. I was just too lazy to search and find out how to watch them as real DVDs. But today one man told me that Growing Up has cool menu and additional media (yes, it's really nice and the media is set of Tony Levin's photographs accomponied by acoustic version of one song), so I finally decided to find it out.

It's really simple in fact.

You can play ISOs directly with VLC or Kaffeine. You can play it with mplayer or xine if you specify the path to your ISO image in command line:

xine dvd:/path/to/your/DVD/image.iso
mplayer dvd://1 -dvd-device=path/to/your/DVD/image.iso

The latter example will play DVD title #1. It's even easier with mplayer:

mplayer DVD.iso

But mplayer isn't good for watching DVDs yet. It has some support for DVD menus via libdvdnav, but it's still buggy now.

VLC and kaffeine support playing DVDs from folder. You'll find that option in their menu. Xine can do this, too, but via command line, exactly in the same way as it does with ISOs, just specify the path to VIDEO_TS:

xine dvd://path/to/your/DVD/VIDEO_TS/


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