RentACoder Criticism

When I used RentACoder, I only worked on relatively small projects, mostly fixes to someone else's unprofessional work. And found my best client (and just a great guy, too) there, so I never had any complaints abot RAC. I could never say or even think that RentACoder is bad or unfair.

I haven't, but someone definitely has.
Someone kamen in his Be Wise With RentACoder blog gives lot of critisim to RAC, talking about unfair large projects management and spamming Technorati by RAC staff.

I can't tell you if those things are true or false, it's up to you to decide. I just try to show you both sides. Anyway, you should be wise with everything.

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kamen 123

well rentacoder staff do not like my opinion and they try to hide it

when they see that you posted about me they will start sending emails to you to convince you to hide the facts

But I have PERFECT evidences in my blog that mental abilities of rentacoder staff do not allow them to deal with serious projects

With such projects the DUMMIES in rentacoder staff are INCREDIBLY STUPID PROFESSIONAL LIARS

They lie even with their slogan

26.07.2007 // 09:41 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

The insulter "kamen123" has been banned from RentACoder:

Main reason: "He insulted other parties numerous times".

"kamen 123" spoil perfect site in revenge.

27.07.2007 // 23:11 [ Link ]

kamen 123

Sergey I.Grachyov is rentacoder's dog

His mental abilities do not allow him to understand that I have PERFECT evidences confirming that I'm right

He thinks that rentacoder is perfect because rentacoder is source of food for him

Like every dog he can bark non stop

Please do not pay attention to him


29.07.2007 // 10:17 [ Link ]

Reply from author

Please, calm down. Neither you nor me know nothing about most people's mental abilities, and calling anyone god is not too good. At least I don't want anyone call anyone like that in my place.

I don't care if RAC good or bad, I've just shown the fact: not everyone is satisfied by it. That's all.

29.07.2007 // 10:32 [ Link ]

kamen 123

I'm sorry if I go to far

I think everyone benefits from a fair marketplace and open communication is vital to productive relationships

I think it is fair to warn all users about pitfalls with rentacoder

29.07.2007 // 11:59 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

It is fair to warn all users about your personal failure at RentACoder.

29.07.2007 // 14:39 [ Link ]

kamen 123

Well Sergey the dummies in rentacoder staff are proficient to blame someone else for their stupidity

You can see in my blog how they can not understand the PERFECT documentation of IIS/ASP from Microsoft and they blame for this Microsoft for this

Probably you will say again that this is personal failure of Microsoft?

But the truth is obvious: the dummies in rentacoder staff are not able of understanding more than several words plain English. As results they are making mistakes and blame someone else: Microsoft, me, anyone

Just admit the truth. There is no way to escape with your silly excuses

I know that the truth hurts and people like you can not stand the pain. But this is the life.

But I'm not excuse for the INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY of the DUMMIES in rentacoder


29.07.2007 // 15:36 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

My name: Sergey I.Grachyov

Nickname: TakeReal

I am famous freelancer.

I have:

906 projects completed via RentACoder

115 projects completed via GetAFreelancer

34 projects completed via Scriptlance


Kamen, you haven't any completed projects, but "perfect evidences" mantra.

And you are not right, but banned

29.07.2007 // 14:37 [ Link ]

kamen 123

well Sergey I told you

the projects on rentacoder are just small patches. I'm not interested to make so small patches. This is why I do not have completed projects on rac

But I have a lot completed projects outside rentacoder

I have YEARS international experience

If I provide perfect references about my skills and experience will you admit the truth about the INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY of rac staff? Probably again will you try to escape with you silly excuses?


29.07.2007 // 15:41 [ Link ]

Reply from author

Guys, neither me nor my readers are interested in your personal achievements and failures. Please, find another place for all this stuff. Prove anything, ensure each other that black is really white, but not here. Period.

29.07.2007 // 15:52 [ Link ]

kamen 123

well I'm sorry that I'm overloading your site

I have sent many similar messages to Sergey by email long time ago

And I explained him many times that he is not right

But he prefers to ignore the facts and to write here... the stupidity of some people is endless...


29.07.2007 // 16:05 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

Personal failure is important when someone post comments about place, where he failured.

29.07.2007 // 21:59 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

Kamen, you don't have any completed projects at all.

Because you can't show _any_ links.

You have experience in insulting only.

29.07.2007 // 22:06 [ Link ]

kamen 123

Sergey I really have several years international experience building web sites with databases

I can use my contacts to help you to find real job

So that you will not need to earn money with barking(for rentacoder)

Please do not overload this site. Just contact me to discuss details


30.07.2007 // 01:45 [ Link ]

Sergey I.Grachyov

Kamen, please, use your contacts to help yourself to find your 1st job.

I hope you can complete your 1st project soon. You can even build your 1st web site and 1st database.

Good luck!



Please, don't pollute Internet with new examples of your morbid imagination.

"several years international experience" - ha-ha

You have several years of international insulting only.

30.07.2007 // 08:20 [ Link ]

kamen 123

Sergey I.Grachyov:

I have completed my first projects many years ago

You can see in my blog that your behaviour is well known pattern: you try to prove your opinion with lies and silly statements. The same pattern follow the dummies in rac staff

Just stop with your silly behaviour and contact me. I'll help you to find real company and real job

No need to earn money with lies and barking


30.07.2007 // 11:07 [ Link ]

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