José González and Pleasure From Work

Interesting and challenging work is always a great pleasure for a creative person, but this post is not about it.

Tonight I finally found a suitable solution to reimplement search at I took almost two weeks and was lot of fun, disappointment, coffee and slepless nights, but it was worth all of those.

While testing this new search functionality, I accidentally came across a record by José González, which I haven't heard yet. It's something called Australian Tour EP and I've only heard two songs from eight listed there.

Really exciting, I do love José. He's so... out of here. And out of time. He plays his guitar and his voice and our souls like noone in 2000's plays. I'm not even sure that any 60's psycho or folk band ever could play like that, though there's some bit of Dylan-like melancholy in his songs. His Veneer (2003) was the very first our (mine, and Anjuta's) “record just for two of us”, something that made us feel the same, think the same and be two parts of something bigger... Wonderful feeling.

Have you ever got such pleasant surprises from your work?

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New CodeIgniter version 1.5.4 finally fixed it's mysql library. CI is a great framework, but I had that mysql bug for ages. I found it in 1.5.0 when I was working on my previous project.

They used some lame stuff with magic_quotes and addslashes to escape strings, and it worked in many cases of trivial text data and didn't work in much more cases when the data was more complex. I did a fix for my CI installation, was going to file a bug and submit a patch, but someone did that before me. It was in early 2007.

And now they finally fixed that in release. And even more: they got rid of that nasty little magic quotes stuff. Since now, if magic_quotes_gpc if on, CI uses stripslashes, so all data inside it is always unquoted.

I'm really glad about it as I almost started thinking Code Igniter is abandoned, and was going to switch to it's community branch, Kohana.

See CodeIgniter Changelog for more details.

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