Wow, I've Been Noticed!

It's always great to feel that you do something useful and/or interesting to others. Exciting. I felt this when my 7 Rules Of Successful Freelancer hit reddit's top. I feel (not as strong as with reddit) this every time my articles get into dzone's top. But what's the most exciting are real people, who say I'm interesting (and giving backlinks, yes).

Recently I was invited to some campaign and interviewed for the first time. Joel Badinas left a comment in this blog inviting me to his Blogger's Corner Campaign. If you want to participate, you could leave a comment there or mail Joel.

I don't know if this is useful for me (well, backilnk is always good, but how good it really is?). I just like to be noticed. Especially by a colleague. Well, almost a colleague. Joel is programmer, too. But he's too blogger sometimes, and his blogs are a bit too Google-friendly, but still could be interesting.

Jul. 01, 2007 // 19:04 | Comments (0)