What Do You Really Want?

Digg is dead.
Or probably not.
For sure, not.
For most people.

But... Something definitely changed. In people's minds only, but nothing matters, than people's minds.

Just three weeks ago I said that I underestimated social networks. I did, but I underestimated them even more and at the same time I ranked to high. Mistakenly.

Mob is not people. Mob is mob. People want simple things: sex, food, place to call home, family, children, anything could be described by word 'happiness'. But mob craves for something strange. It wants idea. False freedom, equality, whatever.
When one man doesn't get something for free, he realizes, that good thing cost some money. When a lot of people want something for free and don't get it, they suddenly start thinking someone stolen that from them! I just can't understand that!

So, returning to underestimating and overestimating. I won't be surprised if I'll see a story about tonight's digging on TV. Community can make a lot of noise. Community can filter out lame things (like my senseless post then). These are it's powers. But community can stumble at something ordinary and shout: “That's evil! They take off our freedom! Hands off, you greedy bastards!” More, mob can make something terrible feel ok.

I hate mob. I want my home, my women, I want to be happy, and I don't want that HD DVD Key! I don't want to prove someone I want it. I don't.

And surely I don't need it once it was published.

Do you?

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