Door Locks Only Protect From Honest People?

After years of vimming and preceding years of using PHP Expert Editor I finally decided to try Zend Studio.

As you probably know, it has evaluation period of 30 days. I downloaded it, installed, used for a while, then left it to use vim and DBDesigner again. I don't remember how many days passed since I started using it, but today if accidentally deleted it's link. That link is actually a sh script which starts java VM with a .jar file which itself is Zend Studio. I wasn't sure if there's something more in that script, so I decided to reinstall Zend Studio rather than rewrite the startup script myself (luckily, installations of Zend Studio doesn't take any significant time).

And what do you think? When I launched Zend Development Environment, I saw that my evaluation period expires in 30 days again: on May, 22.

I'm a little mad about licenses legal issues with software, but you can use it forever without searching for any cracks/serials. Nice gift for poor students, huh? I wonder if the Windows version of Zend Studio is as easy to “evaluate”.

Anyway, it doesn't seem a perfect IDE for me. Some stuff is really great there, but it misses a lot of thighs I'd really appreciate and it's rather slow and RAM-greedy. Guess, I'll get back to vimming or finally try to get used to emacs.

Apr. 22, 2007 // 23:55 | Comments (0)