How To Watch Amazing Videos with Firefox on Apple Mac OS X in 10 Steps

  1. Open in your Safari.
  2. Select desired language and click corresponding link.
  3. Save Firefox to the location of your choice.
  4. Navigate to that location and double click Firefox to open in in Finder.
  5. Drag the Firefox application onto your hard disk.
  6. Drag the icon to your Dock if you want it to appear there.
  7. Launch Firefox.
  8. Type ''.
  9. Select an amazing video.
  10. Watch it.

Update: Diggers and other respected people, please excuse me for submitting this terrible senseless and useless story. I underestimated you,, and social networks in general.
And also experimented with google.
Treat this as not-that-funny joke. Thank you for understanding.

Apr. 10, 2007 // 20:28 | Comments (0)