Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "Etch" Is Out!

The Debian project anounced the official release of GNU/Linux 4.0 codenamed “Etch”.

The release features compatibility with the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standart) v2.3 and software developed for version 3.1 of the LSB (Linux Standard Base).

Also, It finally has a new, graphical installer. The installation system is translated to 58 languages now. Also, the packaging system was improved. Secure APT allows verifications of the packages integrity. Updated package indicies won't be downloaded entirely now, but patched with diffs instead. (Gentooers like me are giggling: we have been using deltup for at least two years already)

Debian GNU/Linux can be downloaded right now via bittorent, jigdo or HTTP; see It will soon be available on DVD and CD-ROM from vendors, too.

This release includes a number of updated software packages, such as the K Desktop Environment 3.5 (KDE), an updated version of the GNOME desktop environment 2.14 (used by default), the Xfce 4.4 desktop environment, the GNUstep desktop 5.2, X.Org 7.1, 2.0.4a office suite, GIMP 2.2.13 image manipulation software, Iceweasel (an unbranded version of Mozilla Firefox, Icedove (an unbranded version of Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5), Iceape (an unbranded version of Mozilla Seamonkey 1.0.8), PostgreSQL 8.1.8, MySQL 5.0.32, GNU Compiler Collection 4.1.1, Linux kernel version 2.6.18, Apache 2.2.3, Samba 3.0.24, Python 2.4.4 and 2.5, Perl 5.8.8, PHP 4.4.4 and 5.2.0, Asterisk 1.2.13, and more than 18,000 other ready to use software packages.

As usually, there aren't the freshest versions, but we love Debian for stability, if we want bleeding-edge, we get Ubuntu or Gentoo.

Upgrade from previous GNU/Linux 3.1 “Sarge” are said to be handled automatically by aptitude package management tool for most configurations.

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