Why Is It Important To Validate Your HTML?

Making valid HTML or XHTML is often thought to be just another way to pump up the prices for development or maybe a gesture of observing the decencies. Partly it is. Writing valid (X)HTML is harder than making HTML that “just works”, and writing valid (X)HTML that looks identically in all major browsers is even harder. Of course, the coders, who write it valid should be more expensive than the ones who can't do that.

[ But why do we need our pages to be valid? ]

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7 Rules of Successful Freelancer

I've been a freelance programmer, web developer and system administrator for three years. Not that much, you'd probably say, you may be right. You may be wrong either. Anyway, when you're 21, three years don't seem to be a little time.

I started when I was 18. I had a part-time job in dental clinic (I'm terribly afraid of dentists since then, though I wasn't afraid of them before) and my salary could just cover my Internet bills (in a small town ISPs have very high prices while students can't get much money for work) and leave a little spare money to later spend them on my friends' and parents' birthdays and New Year. I'll tell you the full story some day, now I just want to note that I started from barely nothing and today I only get money from freelance. No full-time office work.

[ OK, no more lyrics. Let's start with the rules. ]

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Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 "Etch" Is Out!

The Debian project anounced the official release of GNU/Linux 4.0 codenamed “Etch”.

The release features compatibility with the FHS (Filesystem Hierarchy Standart) v2.3 and software developed for version 3.1 of the LSB (Linux Standard Base).

Also, It finally has a new, graphical installer. The installation system is translated to 58 languages now. [ read further ]

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