We love to say: “Female logic,” – don't we? Women are so irrational compared to absolutely predictable men. But have you ever tried to look at yourself? Look at me then.

Come into the kitchen, open the fridge, look inside and speak:

Sooo... No milk. Just yogurt... We [meaning me, of course] don't want any yogurt. We want some milk. Let's drink some tea then.

Anyway, I still love saying: “Female logic”.

My lovely Anjuta told be recently this wasn't female logic, not even close. I had to agree her when she gave me an example of truly female:

I want some milk. Oh, there it is! And there's yogurt, and Cola, and a glass of orange juice... Fine then. Let's drink a cup of tea.

Apr. 03, 2007 // 04:22 | Comments (0)