A good system tray application for Windowmaker window manager


I mean, I found it! I complained a lot about lack of system tray app for Windowmaker. Sure, system tray is too KDE or Gnomish stuff, Windowmaker has completely different paradigm, but there are applications I want to use (I love liferea, claws-mail and basket!) which can not interact with Windowmaker to create notification icons like, eg. Psi does. There are two dockapps intended to be a system tray containers: wmDockApp which was very buggy, but became more stable with a couple dirty hacks, and Docker which works perfectly in OpenBox (which it was written to) but behaves awfully under my favorite window manager. I was almost going to try to fix one of theme (or maybe merge them as they seem to have different problems), when I decided to find an alternative to Windowmaker. Finally I found trayer which is a part of fvwm-crystal.

I had to say good bye to FVWM, because I need to work, not spend weeks on tuning (possibly, I'll get back to it later, I liked it's flexibility and power), but the trayer stayed on my PC for a long time. It's simple, it's working, it's not limited to 4 icons like Docker and wmDockApp do, and it's easily configurable. There's what mine looks like:

trayer screenshot

And there's how I launch it:

trayer --widthtype pixel --width 192 --align right --expand true --transparent true --alpha 25

There are 3 reasons why trayer is not really perfect system tray app:

  1. it is configurable only through command-line arguments. Yes, it's okay for us, geeks, but if it could store settings in /.trayer or /.config/trayer I'll be happier.
  2. it is static: you can't drag it with mouse and stick to another screen edge, you can't resize it, you can't chage it's color without killing it and starting again with new arguments
  3. it doesn't look like a part of Windowmaker :)

Stay tuned, and I'll post a couple more articles on windowmaker, GNUStep, and etoile soon.

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Thanks a lot for this post. i was looking for good replacement for wmsystray.

01.06.2007 // 21:22 [ Link ]