Since I first saw Linux in 1998 or 1999, my relationship with Gnome and KDE were pretty... say complicated. Yeah, the looked cool even then (yes, they did, as they looked just different from Windows), but all I really did when launched them is simply playing around with Control Centre, nothing more. Cool, even beautiful, but I didn't feel comfortable enough there to really work.

I tried several minimalistic window managers like IceWM, enlightenment, fluxbox (emm... BlackBox, I suggest; not sure if flux forked then already), but they all had something I didn't like. Not something special I hated, just general discomfort.

And then I saw WindowMaker. It was cool, it was clean and simple, it was totally different. I felt myself the coolest geek ever. I fell in love with it. It had (and surely still has it) the most comfortable UI I've ever used, which is not surprising as it was built to resemble NeXTSTEP's look. NeXTSTEP was an operating system by Steve Job's NeXT Computers. That man Does know several things about usability and UI design. And when Apple, Inc. bought NeXT in 1997, the new Mac OS X was based on NeXTSTEP's codebase.

GTK2-Step screenshot

That was a preamble, actually. I post this article to share my happiness: I finally found GTK2 theme called GTK2-Step. From now on all Gnome applications (and even Firefox!) look the way I always wanted them to look. Now I have to find similar QT theme, so QT apps will share the same look.

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